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About Be So Do So


After being an actor for twenty years, I wanted do something else make a difference, even if by simply putting a smile on someone's face.


* Full disclosure--as a woman, work slows down a bit once you hit "40" in the biz :)


I knew I was on the right track when the owner of one of my stores called to tell me a woman going through treatment for Breast Cancer just bought all of the “Attitude is everything” shirts to share with her fellow fighters. And when I was told that “Don’t let fear stop you” inspired an actress who had all but left the business, to go for it one more time, & now works consistently.

The designs/sayings are not mass produced; I like it like that~
Thanks for checking out my stuff. If you choose to purchase one, you just
may make someone’s day when you wear it...including your own.


Peace & blessings!